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I am a highly professional, punctual and experienced notary commissioned in East Baton Rouge Parish with Statewide Jurisdiction.  I prioritize myself in customer service, professionalism, and accuracy. I am NNA certified and have a NNA background clearance.  I am also a Notary2Pro Graduate. I have a background in Business and a wide range of industry experience that prepares me to support you in your Notary and Loan Signing needs. I am willing to travel to West Baton Rouge Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, Livingston Parish and Surrounding Areas. 

Notary Public, Kirsten Roberson provides services including, but not limited to:

  • General Notarization;

  • Power of Attorney (Mandates);

  • Closings;

  • Provisional Custody by Mandate;

  • Simple Wills;

  • Affidavits;

  • Unlimited Notary Contracts;

  • Donations;

  • Sales of Movables;

  • Bill of Sale of a Motor Vehicle;

  • Transfer of Title;

  • I-9;

  • Credit Sales;

  • Act of Sale and Mortgage;

  • Leases;

  • Donations;

  • Loans;

  • Counter-letters;

  • Matrimonial Agreements;

  • Partnership Agreements;

  • Limited Liability Company Formation Documents;

  • Corporation Formation Documents;

  • Employment Contracts;

  • Building Contracts;

  • Privileges and Liens;

  • Miscellaneous Documents (other)

ONE CALL and I'M ON MY WAY to: your home, assisted living, hospitals, jail, etc

Contact me Today to become

 Your Personal Notary!!

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