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Our Mission

KRO Management LLC provides the highest level of expertise in organizing, planning, and management for business and everyday life.

KRO Management LLC is committed to helping build your dreams behind scenes, by providing services needed to facilitate fluid operation and progression of your business.  Our services guarantee to produce efficient and effective results.

KRO Management LLC has seen one too many entrepreneurs burn out and businesses fail. We believe it is hard work to operate and manage an effective, well-organized business.  We help with managing details and technicalities which must go on behind the scenes to assure your business will not only SURVIVE, but THRIVE.  Alleviating you of these details allows for devotion of your time and attention to the parts of your business that truly inspires you.

Meet KRO - Kirsten Roberson

Peak Behind The Scenes

Kirsten D'Shay Roberson is the founder of KRO Management LLC, where she provides the highest level of expertise in organizing, planning, management, and marketing for business and everyday life. Kirsten has worked at large and small, for-profit and non-profit organizations; experience that gives Kirsten an extraordinary ability to effectively manage a broad range of strategic and operational methods.

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